Women's Tennis Skirts

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 Women's Tennis Skirts & Tennis Skorts
Worn by the World's Best WTA Players

It's nice to have a few tennis skirts in your tennis wardrobe, even if you normally wear dresses. With the addition of a tennis top ot two, your can create a variety of tennis outfits to keep your look fresh and interesting.

Traditional pleated tennis skirts will never go out of style, or you could choose to keep up with the seasonal changes in style like the top women players. If you're feeling a bit rebellious, then there are some bold styles and imagery that'll get you noticed at the tennis club. You'll find all three types below.....


Designer Tennis Skirts From Stella McCartney & Fred Perry - A Cut Above The Rest

These two elegant designer tennis skirts bear the names of two British tennis apparel innovators - Stella McCartney and Fred Perry. Fred could also play the game, and won Wimbledon 3 times in a row.

His tennis fashion company rivaled that of Rene Lacoste and both companies now cater to more exclusive tennis apparel fashions, with restricted availability to enhance the select appeal.

adidas Women`s Stella McCartney Barricade Roland Garros Tennis Skort
adidas Women's Stella McCartney Barricade Roland Garros Tennis Skort In Desert Sand/Light Pink

Designer Fashion For adidas Top Players
Fred Perry Womens Optical Ombre Tennis Skirt Black
Fred Perry Womens Optical Ombre Tennis Skirt In Black

Exclusive And Elegant

Caroline Wozniacki has reveled in the superior skirts and skorts gleaned from the partnership of adidas and Stella McCartney, and as Stella and the Barricade range have now merged, Andrea Petkovic, Flavia Pennetta, Maria Kirilenko and Laura Robson get to show off Stella styles too.

The top adidas women above will display the subtle floral design of their adidas skorts during the clay court season and of course at Roland Garros for it's Gallic highlight. The skort has the full range of adidas comfort features you'd expect from a premium tennis garment. You're less likely to see the Fred Perry skirt on TV but this beautiful bi-tonal skirt is no less desirable and succesfully combines the modern, (optical effects) with the traditional, (pleats).



Show No Love's Rich Array Of Women's Tennis Attire 


I'm always on the look out for exciting new women's tennis apparel from new brands eager to please and go the extra mile. One such company is Show No Love, who I unashamedly feature on a few of my webpages as they have such a great range of gorgeous women's tennis gear, from dresses, skirts tanks, long sleeve tennis tops, ball shorts and probably the best variety of women's tennis shorts you'll find anywhere! Though originally a swimwear company, they recently branched into tennis apparel for women when one of the owners, Lynda had trouble finding fun but individual tennis outfits for her and her doubles partner, so decided to fill the gap in the market herself.

Show No Love Women's Mixed Doubles Sport Skirt with Mesh
Show No Love Women's Mixed Doubles Tennis Skirt With Mesh 
Show No Love Women's Mixed Doubles Tennis Flounce Skirt
Show No Love Women's Mixed Doubles Tennis Flounce Skirt

I've just highlighted three of my favorite tennis skirts here, (left & below) to show something of the breadth of available styles and their sheer desirability!

I can see the mesh skirt style suiting Simona Halep to a 'T', the flounce skirt favor and flatter Maria Kirilenko's physique, and the Ball Girl flounce skirt would cater perfectly to the exuberant extroversion of say Bethanie Mattek Sands!

Whichever player is closest to your style/attitude, Show No Love tennis wear in general has been designed to embellish a range of female body types so you don't have to be as lean and fit as the above to look good in them.

As the women behind Show No Love play doubles in their own designs, you can be sure they haven't scrimped on any comfort feature such as moisture management. They don't have to rely on feedback to make these skirts perform on court, they get first hand experience of the delights of their own apparel - how cool is that (if you'll excuse the pun!).

If you like to garner compliments from others around you at the club (and who doesn't), the tennis ball/racquet design, (right), will get you noticed and do just that. As a side benefit, the skirt seems capable of visually smoothing out any waistline imperfections as a result of it's intricate design, another plus if you're not quite as trim as you'd like to be.

Reviews for this skirt are happily uniformly good. If you click the link (right) you can share in their purchaser satisfaction!

 Show No Love Women's Ball Girl Flounce Tennis Skirt
Show No Love Women's Ball Girl Flounce Tennis Skirt
Variety Is The Spice of Life, & These Skirts Will Give Your Tennis Wardrobe That & More

If you stray a little from the mainstream path in women's tennis clothing, you can uncover some delightful offerings from some lesser known ranges, that can allow you to dress more distinctively on court.

You're not going to go unnoticed if you stroll to court in the tiger print tennis skirt or the rhinestone skull tennis skort from DTL. They won't get past Wimbledon's strict dress code, but that's the point - they're for the slightly rebellious tennis player. Yet they're made of modern fabrication for your freedom of movement and comfort.


Tiger Print Tennis Skirt by Show No Love
Animal Print Tennis Skirt - Tiger

DTL Rhinestone A-Line Tennis Skort
DTL Rhinestone Crossed Racquets A-Line Tennis Skort

DTL's Rhinestone Crossed Racquets A-Line Tennis Skort (left) is a very pretty skort with built-in shorts and crossed racquets detail in clear Rhinestones, that's sure to get you admiring glances.

It's available in black or white, and the cool, lightweight fabrication is made in the USA, so you can be confident no one was exploited in it's manufacture.

Down The Line Rhinestone Skull Skirt
DTL Rhinestone Skull Skort

Get The Racer Tennis Tank Too!

DTL Rhinestone Skull Cotten Racer Tennis Tank


LIJA Tennis Skorts Are As Diverse As They Are Desirable

Lija Tennis Clothing For Women

If  Andrea Petkovic Wasn't With adidas, This Is What She'd Look Like In A Lovely Lija Tennis Outfit!

LIJA is a relatively young tennis apparel brand, and like many a youth, they are not afraid to try something different. In addition to the beautiful and innovative tennis dresses featured on the white tennis dresses page, here are two very diverse tennis skorts that are also delightfully designed.

The Lija Printed tennis skort (below right) is likely to eclipse the rest on court, and worn with the matching Lija top will make a very bold, cool mountainous, style statement and an enticing tennis outfit. All this style doesn't come at the expense of performance though, as Lija never scrimp on these essentials: each outfit has inner shorts, moisture wicking, and quick drying, 4 way stretch fabrication. 

Also just as pretty and popular is the highly attractive Lija Match Tennis Skort, (below left). It's elaborate layered loveliness is sure to engender envious eyes in those not lucky enough to be wearing it. This is one of Lija's best selling pieces for obvious reasons, and is thankfully one of their enduring styles, so availability is normally good. Colors do change from season to season, and the 3 below are in vogue.

LIJA Women's Match Tennis Skort
LIJA Women's Match Tennis Skort

Available In Colors - Heather Currant, Patina Or Peridot

LIJA Women's Tennis Clothes

These are the latest skorts from Lija, and are typical of their impeccable feminine range. A term used for many LIJA tennis garments is that they are 'Compression', meaning that the material is form fitting for muscle support. They can flatten and smooth any surplus tummy tissue as an added bonus. There's even a handy key pocket concealed within this multi purpose flattering waistband for a little extra practicality.

There are an amazing variety of Lija tennis tops that will look great with these skirts, making LIJA a good tennis club team uniform choice. It's highly unlikely that your opponent team has awakened to this cutting edge tennis apparel brand yet.

LIJA Women's Match Tennis Skort

Recent Immaculate Lija Tennis Outfit

LIJA Women's Mountain Printed Tennis Skort
Lija Women's Baseline Mountain Print Tennis Skort


Get The Lija Matching Racerback Tank Too


 The (4)All Women Team At Jofit Have Designs On Your Tennis Apparel


If you're always on the lookout for something new and interesting in women's tennis clothing then a Jofit tennis outfit could be your cup of tea. Jofit women's tennis apparel has been designed by a talented but confidently relaxed and easy going group of women who've set their sights on producing tennis (and golf) clothing to snugly fit a wider range of women's body types than the larger sports companies cater to.

The skort (below right) decorated in rich raspberry has a delightful swing away flutter panel to embellish your movements around the tennis court. The cooling material has been designed to retain it's shape, match after match, and it's wide waist band will comfortably flatten any problem areas whilst it's classic lines appear to elongate the body, so you'll look your best without having to try too hard!.

Sadly, the cleverly made 'thumbs up' jacket has proved so popular, that there's only a choice of sizes in white now, but then white would go very nicely with the blue depth top or the raspberry skort anyway. The fabrication throughout is high performance, as you'd expect.

 Jofit Rally Tennis Tank Top For Women
Jofit Rally Tennis Tank Top For Women

The White Version Of The Side Drape Skirt (right) Would Suit This Top Perfectly

Jofit Thumbs Up Tennis Jacket
Jofit Thumbs Up Tennis Jacket In Navy

Definitely A Thumbs Up Look With The Tennis Skort
Jofit Women's Side Drape Tennis Skort
Jofit Women's Side Drape Tennis Skort In Raspberry
The Difference Between a Tennis Skirt and a Tennis Skort
There can be some confusion over the difference between a skirt or skort. The truth is the variation is slight: Most 'tennis skirts' have built-in shorties or compression shorts now, thus making them 'skorts' (though there are exceptions - see 'Show No Love' above and below). This contemporary addition helps make for a convenient, comfortable and integrated outfit, as both adjacent multi-colored Nike skort ranges perfectly show.

Nike's new Court range is sure to be their latest perennial favorite, following the success of the Border skort which was a yearly purchase by many women tennis players. Sensibly priced yet innovative, it has of course characteristic built-in ball carrying shorts, cooling mesh paneling, and Nike's Dri-Fit fabrication technology. Nike always offer a good color range so you can mix and match to keep your tennis look fresh.

If you prefer pleats, the Nike Victory Tennis Skort, (above right) leans more to tradition without losing any modern performance features such as flat seam stitching to prevent abrasion to the skin.  It'll be worn by many of the top names in women's tennis this summer, like Petra Kvitova, Victoria Azarenka, Sabine Lisicki, Lucie Safarova and doubles demon, Sara Errani

 Nike Women`s Victory Tennis Skort
Nike Women's Victory Tennis Skorts

Worn By Nike's Top WTA Professionals
Nike Women's Power Tennis Skirt
A Former Nike Favorite - The Power Tennis Skort
NIKE Women`s Court Tennis Skort
Nike Women's Court Tennis Skorts
 A True Tennis Skort
Detail of Built In Shorts

It's still possible to choose a tennis skirt by itself if you have your own undershort preference. Show No Love Tenniswear still make many of their attractive skirts like this. In fact they prefer their customers to buy each article of their outfits separately to get the benefits of mixing and matching to add variety. They even encourage some customization, giving you the opportunity to select colors and patterns to make your one-of-a-kind outfit more special.

Show No Love Tennis Skirt Black With White Ruffle
Show No Love Tennis Skirt Black With White Ruffle
Women`s Double Ballpocket Tennis Undergarment Short
Fancy Pants Double Ball Pocket Tennis Underwear

Ensure your undergarments aren't overlooked by pairing up your new skirt with the comfort and refinements only a company that specializes in this apparel can deliver.

Fancy Pants' finesse will give you unrestricted coverage and the confidence to play hard, knowing that all angles are delightfully covered!

Two ball pockets will ensure that first AND second serves can be delivered with a minimum of fuss.


The K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt Offers Timeless Style For Lasting Wearability

 K Swiss Women's Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt
K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt

Though called a skirt, it's actually fitted with an integral high comfort under-short, so you can go for your shots and keep your modesty!

With seven different colors in the range, there's bound to be a match for your existing tennis apparel, and it would of course make an ideal team tennis skirt. If you click the link above, you can examine in fine detail this delightful and deservedly popular skirt.

One of the most frustrating things about buying new women's tennis apparel is the speed at which it dates due to the rapid changes in tennis fashion.

The K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt may be the answer, in that it's timeless look and pleating makes it look appealing whatever the tennis season.

 K Swiss Women's Accomplish Tennis Skirt With Under Short
The K-Swiss Accomplish Skirt Showing It's Attractive Under Short
 K-Swiss Accomplish Women's Pleated Tennis Skirt In Black
K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt In Black
K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt
K-Swiss Accomplish Pleated Tennis Skirt In Peacoat

One Women's Tennis Apparel Visitor Wrote:

Cheri, "Thank you very much for all your assistance. I purchased the dress........and my wife was thrilled. Will continue to shop at your site. A very happy customer as a result of your great attention and service", Mark Siegel


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