Whak Sak Tennis

Whak Sak Tennis Bags: A Perfect Combination of Style, Funk and Attitude

Heather Combs, owner of Whak Sak tennis bags, has created a line of bags that combine funk, style and functionality for today's tennis woman.

As a child, Combs new she had a love of fashion and sparkly things and decided to turn that passion into a business. What started as a small tennis bag company has evolved into a “diva phenomenon.”

Her tennis bags come in all different sizes including the baby whak sak, small whak sak, the ultimate tote, the whak sak and the large whak sak.

All the bags are offered in different styles and colors like animal print, belini, blackjack, blue lagoon, blue martini, blue plaid, captain jack, carrot top, cold hearted snake, cosmopolitan, envy, fantasy, firework, fresh, mocha and much more.

Whak Sak Bronze 'I'm In Love'
Whak Sak 'Im In Love' In Bronze

Suits A Wide Range Of Tennis Dress


When looking at Whak Sak tennis bags you will notice that some of them are named after famous songs like Michael Jackson's “PYT (pretty young thing)” and Prince's, “Little Red Corvette.” No, the names of most of the Whak Saks are not traditional but they are perfect descriptions of the bags' style, funkiness, color and attitude. 

Whak Sak Pennies In Heaven Small Sak Tennis Bag
Whak Sak Pennies In Heaven Small Sak Tennis Bag

Small - Up To 2 Racquets
(Heather's Favorite Color Whak Sak)
Whak Sak Little Red Corvette Tennis Bag
Whak Sak Little Red Corvette Tennis Bag

Small - Up To 2 Racquets
Whak Sak PYT Baby Sak Tennis Bag
PYT Baby Whak Sak Tennis Bag

The Smallest, But Still Fits Up To Two Racquets

The Whak Sak Pennies In Heaven Small Sak just might be named after Frank Sinatra's, “Pennies From Heaven,” but whether or not it is named after this legendary song, it fits!

This bag is a bronze, gold color, just like a penny. It can hold up to two racquets and has a front zippered compartment for anything small you need to take to and from the court. This bag also has three zippered pockets on the back including a hidden metal fence hook and a name tag.

Whak Sak Sets In The City Small Sak
Whak Sak Sets In The City Small Sak

Have you ever seen the show “Sex in the City,” following the lives of 4 single women in New York City?

If you’re like one of the many women who love the show, you might want to take a look at the Whak Saks Sets In the City Small Sak, which has a bedazzled image of three martini glasses. (Martinis being one of the main characters on Sex In the City.)

The Whak Sak Carrot Top (Orange Croc) Ultimate Tote gives a whole new outlook on the term “carrot top.” This ultimate tote is bright orange (as the name implies) and holds up to four racquets along with anything else you need.

It has adjustable straps so that you can customize your bag to the most comfortable fit for you. It has plenty of storage room in the front and back, great for travel. Another great feature of this bag is that it has a detachable, magnetic, insulated cooler so that your drinks will stay at the perfect temperature.

Whak Sak Carrot Top (Orange Croc) Ultimate Tote Tennis Bag
Whak Sak Carrot Top Ultimate Tennis Tote

Holds Up To 4 Tennis Racquets
Whak Sak Cold Hearted Snake Baby Sak
Cold Hearted Snake Baby Whak Sak

1 - 2 Racquets, Converts To Backpack Or Sling

The Whak Sak Cold Hearted Snake Baby Sak is perfect for anyone who likes to accessorize in dark colors. With a snake skin print in dark blue, green and black it accommodates two racquets and has a large zippered main compartment.

The padded convertible straps let you go from sling to backpack in just one zip. The Baby Sak is perfect for someone who is a light traveler.

See A Selection Of Baby Whak Saks

From childhood passion to “diva phenomenon,” Whak Sak has created a tennis bag empire yet still remains a family owned and operated business with customer service and satisfaction their number one priority.


Whak Sak Tennis Bags Article Written By Courtney Thompson

One Women's Tennis Apparel Visitor Wrote:

Cheri, "Thank you very much for all your assistance. I purchased the dress........and my wife was thrilled. Will continue to shop at your site. A very happy customer as a result of your great attention and service", Mark Siegel


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