Maggie Mather Racquet Bag Review


Maggie Mather Racquet Bag - 'Rock Star' Good Looking

The newest addition to the Maggie Mather line of tennis bags for women is the Maggie Racquet Bag. This violin, or guitar, case shaped tennis sling is an attractive and creative solution to the struggle women face when looking for a functional and stylish tennis bag that will carry their tennis gear, look as great as they do and last long under the pressures that a tennis bag must undergo.

“I imagine that the woman who carries a Maggie Mather tennis bag wants function and style but she doesn’t want huge lettering all over the bag,” said Lynne Burns in a 2011 interview. “She has excellent taste beyond the bag and the bag is the accessory to match how she looks.”  

Maggie Mather Sling Racquet Tennis Bag
Maggie Mather Sling Racquet Tennis Bag


Maggie Mather Tennis Racquet Bag Interior
Maggie Mather Fuchsia Racquet Bag Zebra Interior

The Maggie Racquet Bag comes in two bold, zany colors and one practical favorite. All three are lined with a popping, zebra-striped interior.

The eye-catching fuchsia and the macaw green have always been big sellers, according to Burns, but the addition of the charcoal is a blessing to those who prefer to stick with a safer-to-match color.

The green and fuchsia bags are lined with a black and white zebra stripe and the charcoal gray is lined with an ultra-femme pink and white zebra stripe.

“I love looking in a bag and seeing something fun pop out at you,” Burns said. “The important thing is that people enjoy the colors. That makes us feel really good.”

The exterior of the racquet bag is made from heavy-duty, water repellant nylon. This bags not only looks like it can hold up to the rigors of being stuffed full of gear, thrown in the trunk, and lugged to the court, but it feels like it, too.

The bag does not come with a fence hook for that added bit of protection like other designer tennis bags, but perhaps Burns has faith in the durability of her product. However, there is a D-hook on the back of the bag for the shoulder strap that could double as a link for a fence hook.

“Purpose built and high quality, hopefully that is what we have achieved,” Burns said of her bags.

The interior of the Maggie Mather racquet bag doesn’t look that large on first inspection, but can hold up to three tennis racquets, provided nothing else is inside main compartment.

Velcro straps, one at the handle and one at the head, secure one or two racquets in place and prevent racquet shift, rubbing and other general disorderliness inside your tennis bag during transit. For those with expensive racquets, this is an ideal and thoughtful addition to an otherwise simple design.

“The design reflects how I like things: clean and uncluttered,” Burns said.  

Maggie Racquet Bag In Macaw Green
Maggie Racquet Bag In Macaw Green

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The racquet bag has five compartments total. The main compartment holds the racquets, and is home to a small zippered pocket that runs the width of the bag and about a third of the length. This pocket is sewn tight and is ideal for thin items such as papers, extra strings, or perhaps a small book, but not much else.

The three, exterior zippered pockets make for an interesting, energetic zigzag design, but sit on top of each other and limit the ability to carry anything as bulky as court shoes.


Maggie Mather Sling Racquet Tennis Bag
Maggie Mather Sling Racquet Bag In Pewter

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The lowest front pocket is perhaps the largest and, in a brilliant display of practicality that Maggie Mather bags are known for, it billows out just enough for some tennis balls. It is not tall enough for a ball can, but wide enough if it lays on its side.

“I start with the design myself,” Burns said. “Then I show it to a few key people and ask them if it is functional. I show it to my daughters, friends and family. It’s all about their approval.”  

The padded, adjustable shoulder strap can be attached to either side of the bag and has amazingly sturdy, black metal hooks. The small, padded side grab-and-go handle not only makes toting this racquet bag a breeze, but reinforces that rockstar look that will have people wondering if you are heading to the courts or to the local venue.

“My love is to design with beautiful materials,” Burns concluded. “The bag is well constructed and we are very pleased with that.”

The amazing thing about these bags, aside from the completely reasonable price is that all of these features, strategically packed into this sturdy and durable bag, come together in an unbelievably light weight package. This is a tennis bag for women who love their fashion, but need it with an extra helping of function and durability.


Maggie Mather Racquet Bag Review Written By Belinda Callin

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