Women's Tennis Apparel

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Womens Tennis Apparel

Highlighting the Newest and Most Beautiful Tennis Clothes Available to Buy Online

Updating your tennis wardrobe is certainly not about vanity on court. It's about finding that perfect combination of style and practicality we all want to complement our tennis game.

New women's tennis apparel is packed with modern fabrication and technology to increase comfort and mobility. Care has been taken that only the newest, most advanced collections from top tennis brand names worn by the WTA Stars, and trendsetting, innovative style from smaller apparel merchants are included on this website.

Caroline Wozniacki In Stella McCartney
 Caroline Wozniacki Rediscovers Her Winning Ways (& Style) In 2014
(Photo: Tatiana, Wkimedia Commons)



Lucky In Love The Liveliest Tennis Apparel For Women Available

Lucky In Love Women`s Cheetah Bead Tennis Skirt Print
Lucky In Love Women's Cheetah Bead Print Tennis Skirt

This lovely tennis outfit from 'Lucky In Love' is about as far removed from the staid white flannel of early tennis apparel design as it is possible to get, and is a celebration of women's tennis fashion unimpeded by conventional design restraints.

Lucky In Love Women`s Animal Tennis Tank Print
Lucky In Love Women's Animal Print Tennis Tank

The Above Tank In Medium Size

The first time you wear this on court you can't help but garner compliments, and it'll make the monochrome offerings of some of the big brands look a bit ordinary! 

All this style doesn't come at the cost of performance you'll be pleased to know. The latest textiles and Vaportex moisture control system will allow you to work up a sweat whilst keeping comfortably cool on court. Lucky In Love apparel is designed by active fashion conscious women for women of a like mind, and you can see from the outfit above that they enjoy their 'work' and are very good at it.
The team at Lucky In Love are sticklers for creating fresh designs for the changing tennis season, so there's often plenty of high fashion, high quality, distinctive tennis apparel available at any one time. If you'd like to rummage through the currently available LIL online shelves for further inspiration, particularly the bright, lively, tennis tees & tanks, just click on the previous link.

Fila Aren't Bound By Tennis Clothing Tradition Either

 Jelena Jankovic In Her Fila Tennis Dress
Jelena Jankovic Looks Happy In Her Fila Center Court Printed Twilight Tennis Dress
(Photo: Christian Mesiano, Wikimedia Commons)
Fila Women's Sentinel Tennis Shoes
Fila Women's Sentinel Tennis Shoes
Jelena Jankovic's fortunate enough to be clothed by Fila at the moment, who are equally adept at creating traditional and modern tennis fashion. The honeycombed pattern dress, left, is obviously closer to the latter, but suits Jelena's style perfectly. She wore the Fila Sentinel tennis shoes, above, recently with the dress to model a very eye-catching tennis ensemble!

Venus Williams Makes Herringbone Hip Tennis Wear

EleVen Women`s Back Court Tennis Dress India Ink
EleVen Women's Back Court Tennis Dress In India Ink

The Herringbone Pattern On The Dress Features On The Sides & Upper Reverse
EleVen Women`s Burst Cap Sleeve Tennis Top Herringbone Print
EleVen Burst Cap Sleeve Herringbone Print Tennis Top For Women

High Performance Stretch Fabrication
 Women`s Jamming 14.5 Inch Tennis Skort Herringbone Print
EleVen Women's Jamming Herringbone Print Tennis Skort

14.5 Inch Skirt Amply Conceals Integral Ball Storage Shorts

Venus Williams came within two points of defeating eventual 2014 Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova, so her tennis game is back to where it should be. Also undiminished is her style, as her very own EleVen tennis apparel outshone her competition, flattering her figure, and allowing her complete freedom to move and strike the tennis ball with her usual overwhelming pace. 

Wimbledon has just made it's mostly white dress code even stricter, irritating many of the top players, but that didn't faze Venus. The limitations of creating a necessarily white distinctive tennis outfit can bring out the best in some designers, and she definitely rose to the challenge. The new EleVen tennis clothing above shows just how supremely creative she can be when no such restrictions are in place, and now herringbone print and women's tennis fashion have successfully fused!

Of course there's so much more to these outfits than styling. Venus wears her own creations in the 'heat of battle' so you can be sure the fabrication meets the performance needs of an elite tennis player. Subtle mesh paneling and side vents ensure a constant supply of cooling fresh air to the skin, while high performance textiles work to free up your best tennis, not hinder it.

There's an equally delectable EleVen tennis jacket to complete a spectacular tennis outfit fit for a multiple Slam winner. Why not see what this lovely tennis attire, designed for the world's best, can do for your tennis game!




Nike's Summer/Fall Premier Maria Tennis Outfit - Get Maria Sharapova's Flawless Tennis Style

"Maria SHARAPOVA" by Haruneskar - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Maria Sharapova Immaculate In Her Nike Gear & Showing Off Her Head Tennis Racquet
(The Same Head Racquet Used By Marin Cilic To Win The US Open!)

You can tell a lot of thought goes into the design of all new Nike tennis clothing crafted for Maria Sharapova. Much of that thought is supplied by Maria herself so you know style and performance are going to be set to maximum.

Nike seem to effortlessly find the right balance between the ornate and functional to flatter Maria's 6 ft 2 ins statuesque frame, but this tennis outfit will likely do wonders for any physique!

Women`s Premier Maria Tennis Tank
Nike Women's Premier Maria Tennis Tank

The University Blue top/ Dark Raisin skirt combination is the one Maria is wearing in her promotional shots, but there's also a Fuchsia Force pairing and a sepatate black skirt. The entire range ensures that Maria will be spoilt for choice at the US Open and into the fall, when she'll stake her claim to be the world's best and most stylish woman tennis player. But young tennis sensation, Eugenie Bouchard may have a say in the outcome and she's wearing this outfit too!

Maria & Eugenie's outfit incorporates subtle design components that cleverly integrate style and performance features. Nike's Dri-Fit moisture wicking technology will pamper and cool the skin during play, while the stretch fabric will give these ultra competitive young women complete freedom of movement on court to execute their uncompromising power plays. 

Women`s Premier Maria Tennis Skirt
Nike Women's Premier Maria Tennis Skirt

Flat Stretch Waistband For Complete Comfort & Perfect Fit

Both tank and ball skirt have been designed to be particularly appropriate for warm weather, so now's a good time to test just how effective Nike's premium tennis apparel is at promoting your comfort as the temperature rises.

There's a poll on the Women's Tennis Dresses page of this website that shows Maria as the clear style leader when it comes to looking good in women's tennis dress, with nearly three times as many votes as second and third placed Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams, so Nike and Maria are clearly doing things very right!


Ana Ivanovic At The Top Of Women's Tennis - Style Wise At Least 

Ana Ivanovic has had some ups and downs in her tennis career, but one thing has remained constant throughout - her seemingly effortless ability to look stylish on court. This is of course partly genetic, but also due in no small part to her innovative and attentive design team at adidas, who've flawlessly risen to the occasion with every change of tennis season.

As you can see from the 2014 summer/fall adidas Adizero Tennis Dress selection below, Ana has access to to some of the best styling adidas has to offer, though they have opted for a monochromatic look this season after a more colorful phase. However, look a little closer and you'll see the fine glossy print detail around the neckline and sides, adding to the subtle charms of these refined tennis dresses. A few other top players have access to adidas Adizero like Ana: Notably, talented top ten player, Angelique Kerber. Daniela Hantuchova, no style slouch herself, and now the brightest new star in the tennis firmament, Simona Halep also wears this lovely apparel.

If you're already familiar with adidas tennis apparel you'll know the fabrication has their latest flagship comfort technology - Climacool. All the Tennis Dresses below have built-in bras and undershorts so you won't have to worry about buying those. Ana will likely choose between the pink and black dresses through the autumn in the run up to the WTA year ending finals in Singapore, where the top 8 players of the year battle to be the best of the best. Ana will look sensational on court in either of them! 

adidas Women's Adizero Tennis Dress
Ana Dressed Up In Adizero

Women`s Adizero Tennis Dress Black
New adidas Women's Adizero Tennis Dress In Black
adidas Women`s Adizero Tennis Dress Bold Pink
adidas Women's Adizero Tennis Dress In Bold Pink

Women`s CC Adizero Tempaia III Tennis Shoes Bold Pink and Core White
adidas CC Adizero Tempaia III Tennis Shoes For Women

adidas Women's Adizero Tennis Dress In Tribe Purple
adidas Women's Adizero Tennis Dress In Tribe Purple

Ana Ivanovic's Spring Tennis Dress Still Looks Great & Now At A Handsome Discount

If you'd like to dazzle with a completely matching outfit, why not opt for the new woman specific Adizero Tempaia III tennis shoes as well?

As you can see, far left, this shoe has been designed to complement the pink Adizero dress above perfectly, and as it's adidas, it'll perform to the highest level. There's a reason Novak Djokovic changed his clothing sponsor, but refused to part with his adidas tennis shoes!



  Victoria Azarenka's Distinct Tennis Style

Victoria has a unique style, and though she's clothed by the world's biggest tennis clothing manufacturer, Nike, she still manages to appear quite distinct on court. This is due in part to the fact that she's not afraid to wear capri pants or women's tennis shorts during competition, and has in fact become one of their greatest proponents.

Victoria's one of the fieriest players in women's tennis and tennis shorts allow her to express her rebellious nature, as they've been frowned upon throughout women's tennis history and even to this day.

It's actually quite a refreshing change to see shorts worn by a top player as they're a perfectly practical and fashionable alternative to the tennis skirt and skort. Maria Kirilenko and Ana Ivanovic continue to wear some dazzling adidas tennis shorts , and Wilson, K-Swiss, Fila and others give you plenty of alternatives, so if you've got the derriere, then dare to be different!.

Women`s Premier Sleeveless Tennis Polo
Nike Women's Premier Sleeveless Tennis Polo Worn By Victoria
Women`s Victory Tennis Short
Nike Women's Victory Tennis Short

Be A Bit Rebellious Like Vika!
Women`s Lunar Ballistec Tennis Shoes Ivory and Magnet Gray
Victoria's New Nike Lunar Ballistec Tennis Shoes In Ivory & Magnet Gray

Vika's on the comeback trail after injury and probably won't find her best tennis again before the end of year tournaments, but wearing this spectacular tennis outfit on court should cheer her up as she strives to regain her fitness.

The advanced fabrication gives Vika complete freedom of movement to wind up those ferocious forehands, whilst Nike's Dri-Fit material keeps her cool at all times. This flattering combination gives Vika the inner confidence that flows from knowing she looks as good as she plays.

Victoria's adept at creating a little 'bubble' of serenity around herself before important matches by rolling up her hoody and listening to her favorite music. I can just see her doing that in the lovely tennis jacket below, color coordinated of course, and almost tailor made for Vika's unique approach to her tennis.

She's recently changed her tennis shoes from the Zoom Vapor series to Nike's new design, the Lunar Ballistec (above). Of course it's packed with the latest technology as befits a tennis shoe worn by the former world No.1 and will likely propel her right back to the top of the game in the next few months.

As you can see below from the photo of Vika taken earlier this year, her tennis clothing style is about as far removed from traditional women's tennis wear as it's possible to get, but if you prefer to be distictive rather than blend in, that's no bad thing!

Women`s Knit Tennis Sweater Jacket
Nike Women's Knit Tennis Sweater Jacket
Victoria Azarenka In Her Nike Women's Tennis Apparel
Victoria Azarenka Setting Her Own Nike Style
 ASICS Women's Tennis Apparel - More Than Just Great Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women's Sleeveless Tennis Polo In Blueberry
ASICS Women's Sleeveless Tennis Polo In Blueberry

It's nearly always a good sign that they're serious about they're output when a manufacturer adds a complementary item like a tennis jacket to the range, allowing you to create a complete outfit. The one below is simple but sharp.

An ASICS tennis outfit isn't complete without the new Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoes, designed to perform with the best on court. Echoing the ASICS motto, you can then combine your sound mind and body to a very sound women's tennis outfit.

ASICS tennis clothng for women has always been overshadowed by their highly regarded tennis shoes. To my eyes, the apparel has sometimes been a little plain. I'm sure their highest ranked player, Sam Stosur hasn't minded too much, though, as her muscular physique has complemented the simple, high performance styles.

But ASICS are now producing some of the most exciting tennis clothing of the moment - very different and unconventional, as you can see from the Straight Sets tennis dress below, which is obviously anything but plain. If that's a little radical for you, then Blueberry Blue and Sport Pink are the fetching colors of the ASICS summer season range whether you prefer dresses or separates.

ASICS Women`s Advantage Tennis Skort
ASICS Women's Advantage Tennis Skort In Blueberry Or Sport Pink
ASICS Women's Racket Tennis Dress
ASICS Women's Racket Tennis Dress In Sport Pink
 ASICS Women's Straight Sets Tennis Dress
ASICS Straight Sets Tennis Dress
ASICS Women's Racket Tennis Jacket
ASICS Women's Racket Tennis Jacket
ASICS Women's Gel Resolution 5 Tennis Shoes
ASICS Women's Gel Resolution 5 Tennis Shoes

Right Up There With The Best Shoes For Tennis - Just Read The Glowing Reviews!




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