Caroline Wozniacki Tennis

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Caroline Wozniacki Tennis Fashion

adidas, Stella and Caroline -
The Perfect Mix Of Performance, Style and Talent

Caroline Wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki Celebrates Her Stella Style

Caroline Wozniacki's had a few ups and downs in recent years - the US Open finalist and number 1 WTA ranked player lost her focus and her winning ways, but now she's free of that talentless drag on her finances (only joking), she's back to her old self, and despite everything, she's still the leading face of adidas by Stella McCartney women's tennis apparel. so things never got that bad!

Caroline took over from Maria Kirilenko as she was featuring in the latter rounds of tournaments more often, and Stella naturally wanted to maximize public exposure to her creative genius. (Happily for Maria, though, she's now been brought back into the Stella fold with the new merging of the Barricade and Stella lines).

Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki proved to be an ideal choice as she was already an 'adidas girl', she's one of the world's best woman tennis players, and she has a bubbly, mischievous personality every bit as engaging as her youthful good looks.

Caroline first unveiled the fruits of the new collaboration at the 2009 US Tennis Open and showcased it right through to the final, where she was overpowered by talented, then comeback queen Kim Clijsters.

By the lack of availability of Caroline's Stella dress at the time, I think that adidas weren't expecting quite this level of achievement so soon!

Stella's adidas Tennis Clothing - Stylish And Elaborate, Yet Breathable And Cool 


Women`s Stella McCartney Barricade Dress Ginger and Soft Powder
Carolines's adidas By Stella McCartney Fall 2014 Barricade Tennis Dress In Ginger & Soft Powder

Caroline's long term deal with adidas by Stella McCartney was exactly what she was looking for, as she's now able to benefit from adidas' renowned cutting edge tennis apparel technology and Stella's superior designer styles.

Her adidas US Open/Fall Collection Barricade Tennis Dress looks as good as she's playing at the moment and incorporates 'breathable' and cooling layered mesh fabrication to meet her performance demands.

Her new Stella Barricade 8 Tennis Shoes, the latest in the line of highly efficient, near legendary Barricades, have replaced her Sebellica tennis shoes now that Stella and Barricade have merged, but they've still have in abundance the lightweight cushioned stability required for playing tennis at the highest level.

These tennis shoes represent the perfect fusion of performance and style and have been manufactured with human and animal welfare as paramount considerations - another bonus.

Women`s Stella McCartney Barricade Tennis Shoes Ginger and Clementine
Caroline's adidas By Stella McCartney 2014 Barricade Tennis Shoes For Women In Ginger & Clementine


Caroline's already had the chance to comment on what it feels like to play in her new Stella apparel, and not surprisingly she's very impressed.

She said: 'It's really feminine. It's really comfortable to play in. I felt a bit like a ballerina. It feels really nice'.

This echoes Maria Kirilenko's sentiments when she was asked what it was like to be dressed by Stella. She said 'I felt so glamorous'.

The Perfect Accompaniment To Caroline's Stella Tennis Dress

Women`s Stella McCartney Barricade Warm Up Tennis Jacket Ginger
adidas By Stella McCartney Barricade Tennis Warm-Up Jacket In Ginger

This Barricade Tennis Warm-Up Jacket from adidas and Stella McCartney would make a perfect match for her latest tennis dress. It makes good sense for purely practical reasons in cooler climates to keep your muscles warm and supple before the match, but even where there's year 'round warmth, this snug, designer tennis jacket is a must to complete the fashionable ensemble.

Caroline is certainly never without her coverup en route to court, and regularly wins the style competition before she's struck the first ball! 

It's a very good time to experience this exclusive tennis jacket, as it's currently available in most sizes (normally a fleeting situation with Stella tennis wear), so spoil yourself and get the full benefit of Stella style, like Caroline!

adidas by Stella McCartney

Back To Babolat - Caroline's New Tennis Racquet

Babolat Aeropro Drive Tennis Racquet
Babolat Aeropro Drive Tennis Racquet

Caroline's Just Couldn't Resist This Racquet As Her Return To Babolat In 2014 Proves. It Takes Spin Like A Dream As You Might Expect From A Racquet Primarily Designed To Please Rafa.


Her tennis racquet and main women's tennis bag are now supplied by Babolat again, as Caroline just couldn't rediscover her best tennis with her Yonex racquet, even though the likes of Ana Ivanovic and Maria Kirilenko seem more than happy with their Yonex racquets. Caroline got caught playing with a disguised Babolat racquet in practise last year, despite being under contract to promote Yonex, so she was promptly sacked from her promotional job. Yonex weren't best pleased as they had produced a 'Caroline Wozniacki' tennis bag in her honor. 

Now Caroline's back with Rafa's choice of racquet, the Babolat Aeropro Drive, her form is at last showing signs that she'll be returning to the top ten in the rankings where she belongs soon.

Caroline also now brings her adidas by Stella McCartney Tennis Bag to court to carry her more personal accessories, and to keep her bag style in tune with her Stella tennis clothing, but the new sumptuous, summer tennis bag has yet to appear. I'll put it here as soon as it does.



Babolat Aero Tennis Racquet Holder X12
Babolat Aero Line 12 Racquet Tennis Bag


Caroline Wozniacki Tennis Bag
Recent adidas By Stella McCartney Small Sports Bag

The fairy tale continues.....

Caroline hails from the same town as Hans Christian Anderssen - Odense in Denmark. Her story so far has been every bit as fantastical as anything in his fairy tales, and looks set to continue that way: Her fierce determination to succeed, her mature pragmatic approach to life and her tennis, and her competent team around her should ensure more sublime tennis and dreamlike years.

adidas By Stella McCartney Discount Image

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