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K Swiss Tennis Shoes For Women - The Perfect Fit For Tennis Or Style

The K Swiss brand was born from a desire by two Swiss brothers to create the perfect tennis shoe, soon after they emigrated to California in the mid-1960s. Their footwear quickly became popular with professional tennis players and discerning individuals who appreciated the quality and durability of these new tennis shoes.

K Swiss decided early on to let the quality do the selling, and not change styles every season as has become the case recently with other big brands. They now do make 'flashier' versions of their tennis shoes, but you can still buy the 'Classic', barely unchanged in style since the 60's, but with a nod to more modern fabrication where needed.

As you can see, right, the 'classic' look is clear but the shoes have a softer cashmere leather than the original shoe. They're probably better as an all 'round comfort tennis sneaker than for pure tennis play, as K Swiss have developed some of the best tennis specific shoes available, with extra lateral support and other technical refinements.

K-Swiss Classic Luxury Edition (Women's) - White
K Swiss Women's Classic Luxury Edition

K-Swiss Classic Luxury Edition (Women's) - Black
K Swiss Classic Luxury Edition In Black

K Swiss 7.0 Tennis Shoe Technology For Professional Tennis Shoe Performance

K Swiss have brought together a package of refinements in their tennis shoes aimed at making them the world's best and suitable for the world's best players, called the 7.0 system. 7.0 refers to the skill rating system in tennis, starting at 1.0 for complete beginners to 7.0 for the world's top players - the Roger Federers and the Serena Williams' of the game. Naturally K-Swiss believe their 7.0 tennis shoes are perfect for any of the top players.

There's a small group of K Swiss tennis shoes that employs much or all of this 7.0 technology. These include the Ultrascendor, Glaciator, Defier and the new Bigshot. They have enhanced durability in high wear areas (inside and out), better traction, improved cushioning, and more support for and grip of the foot - so important in controling the multi-directional stresses on the foot in tennis.

KSwiss Ultrascendor Mid - A Spectacular Tennis Shoe By Any Standards

The Ultrascendor Mid proudly displays it's 7.0 credentials writ large on the upper. It's fitted with a superior wrap-around secure lacing system and extra heel support / control to prevent any foot slippage and for a hand-in-glove like fit.

K-Swiss - Ultrascendor Mid W (White/Navy/Silver) - Footwear
K Swiss Ultrascendor Mid 7.0 System Women's Tennis Shoes

Fast Rising WTA Tennis Star, Heather Watson Relies On The K Swiss Bigshot For Her Ladies Tennis Shoes.

K-Swiss Bigshot (Women's) - White/Fiji Blue/Gull Grey
K Swiss Bigshot Ladies Tennis Shoe

Designed To Boost Your Tennis Game - The Big-Performance Bigshot K Swiss Tennis Shoe For Professional Players

Though the original policy of K Swiss was to avoid endorsements, they're now happy to spend money on some big name players to showcase their best shoes and apparel. In the men's game they sponsor doubles specialists the Bryan brothers, Mardy Fish and Sam Querrey, and in the women's, one of Britain's young tennis sensations, Heather Watson, and established South African star Chanelle Scheepers.

Heather's only 20 and has just won her first major tournament in Osaka, Japan, propelling her into the top 50. Her main asset on court is her fitness and amazing natural speed, which has been honed at the world famous tennis facility in Bradenton, Florida.

Her K-Swiss Bigshot tennis shoes are perfect to allow her to capitalize on her fleetness and agility now she's over her recent bout of Mono (Glandular Fever).

The new K Swiss Bigshot has just about every 7.0 system feature they have at their disposal, including such performance enhancers as 'Superfoam' returning energy to your foot, 'GuideGlide' stabilizing the foot during fast movement, and a 'Ballistic Propulsion Plate' keeping you on the balls of your feet during the match! If these shoes don't give you an edge during play, nothing will!

Heather Watson In Her K-Swiss Tennis Clothing
Heather Watson Shows Off Her K Swiss Tennis Shoes And Her Athleticism

The K-Swiss Uproar IV Tennis Shoes - Plenty Of Performance For The Price

If you want many of the high tech performance features of K-Swiss tennis shoes but without the associated price tag, then the K-Swiss Uproar IV could be your preferred tennis shoe.

Barely half the cost of some other top models, the Uproar offers plenty of support and cushioning with strategic perforations for ventilation and cooling.

Combined with a herringbone tread pattern allowing you to stop on a dime, and reinforced rubber at the toe for increased durability, you'll have all you need to carry your tennis game to the opposition in comfort and style. The Uproar is also a great performer on the clay if you're lucky enough to have that option.

K-Swiss Uproar IV Tennis Shoe For Women
K Swiss Uproar IV Tennis Shoes For Women

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